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Here is the most current EIC Earned Income Credit Table. The credit maxes out at 3 or more dependents. You will not be eligible if you earned over $51,567.00 or if you had investment income that exceeded $3,100.00.

Your credit should fall somewhere with-in these brackets based on your income and qualifying children. As you can see by the chart below, the eitc is a hefty tax credit you don’t want to miss out on. So
go ahead and Claim your tax credit today!

  Dependents       Maximum Credit          Adjusted Gross Income


         $487.00          $14,340.00 (Jointly $19,680.00)



         $37,870.00 (Jointly $43,210.00)



         $43,038.00 (Jointly $48,378.00)



         $46,227.00 (Jointly $51,567.00)

How to Claim the Credit

There are 2 ways you can claim your tax credits:

earned income credit table
TurboTax Online will guide you through the correct process of claiming the earned income credit and will help you get the biggest tax refund possible
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