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The Earned Income Credit is a refundable credit that is offered to individuals and families that have lower income. This can help lower income families tremendously.

In previous filing years this credit has been maxed out at two dependents but it has been temporarily increased to accommodate larger families that have three or more earned income credit dependents.

How Much Will You Get?

This credit can offer quite a bit of a credit meaning that your family could receive up to $6,044.00! That’s a lot of money, I’m sure you could use.

Even as an individual with no dependents you could still receive a credit. If you are familiar with the credit and you know you will qualify then go ahead and take what’s yours.

Claim the EITC

You can claim your credit either by filing the correct paper forms or by using an online tax preparation service that will fill them out for you.

You can calculate your credit amount for free. All of these amounts will vary depending on your income and the number of qualifying dependents you have but even at the least this is some money you don’t want to miss out on.

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